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Why You Need to Clean Your Windows Often

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let’s face it – cleaning and chores are one of those facts of life that we’ve got to accept. We all have busy schedules, multiple commitments and interests and it’s hard to find time to keep your home, store or office clean and tidy – but it needs to be done. Floors need to be swept, clothes folded and put away and the dishes need to be done. Sometimes we spend so much time doing these things that we forget all about our windows!

Clean windows prevent mould buildup

Your windows collect as much dirt, dust and grime as the rest of your surfaces and they need cleaning just as often. Let’s check out some of the main reasons for keeping your windows sparkling clean.

Let’s start with the obvious

They Look Amazing

Crystal clear, shining clean windows just look great – especially if they were a bit worse for wear to start with! They’ll sparkle like new and also let in more natural light – leaving your home or workspace that much brighter and lighter.

You’ll Prevent Permanent Stains

Small, innocuous stains on your windows can actually become permanent if they are left there to settle for too long! Cleaning your windows regularly will help to remove these pesky stains before they have a chance to get comfortable and settle in on your glass!

You’ll Help Protect Your Frames

Window frame deterioration is something that occurs gradually, as built up dirt and grime on the glass eventually makes its way into the wooden frame – causing them to weaken and deteriorate. This can be quite expensive in the long run  - especially if your frames get to a state where they require a full replacement! Cleaning your windows often can help to prevent this build up and make your frames last a lifetime!

Window Maintenance

Cleaning the outside of your windows is a great way to ensure that your glass remains well kept. Especially for those of you living in the city, pollution in the air and rain and oxidisation can cause your glass some damage – prevent this by making cleaning the outside of your windows part of your cleaning routine. If you own a double storey home then be very careful when up on your ladder, or consider hiring a professional window cleaning service to do the job for you.

You’ll Feel Better

Sometimes we just feel better in a clean and tidy environment. Mess and dirt in our living environment can cause us to feel stressed out an subconscious level – which then results in us feeling stressed in the here and now! Having a clean and tidy home with sparkling clean windows will just make you feel that little bit more comfortable and secure in your space.