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Is Your Shop's Display Front Fresh?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If you own, or manage, a retail store then you know the importance of presentation – everything needs to be neat and tidy. Clothes need to be well folded, your staff need to be presentable and the floor needs to be swept, vacuumed and mopped regularly. Chances are your customers aren’t going to want to buy dirty, dusty or otherwise unpresentable stock.

Your front windows are your one chance to get a passer-by to stop and have a look in them. Hopefully they are interested enough in what is in your window displays to come inside and make a purchase. But what if your windows are dirty, grimy and streaked? Or, what if they’re sparkling clean but just plain uninteresting?

Let’s take a look at how to both keep your shop’s windows clean, and how to keep them fresh and eye-catching to attract customers.

Eye-Catching Store Displays

So Fresh and So Clean

If your store is in a major city, or even near a busy road chances are that dirt and dust is going to build up pretty quickly. Even for those of you whose stores are in an indoor shopping centre will still need to give their display windows a regular going over. Your sparkling clean and crystal clear windows will both let passers-by know that you value your store and its appearance, but more importantly it wil.

Catch Their Eye

Let’s take a look at some fresh store window ideas that really pop and draw the eye to your store – anything that gets people to stop and pause in their busy day has the chance to get them into your store and to get them shopping!

Use Your Words

One way to advertise your business is by using text decals in your windows. This could be as simple as advertising your current discounts, but why not think a bit beyond that? Identify what your target market might find witty, emotive or attractive and choose your words accordingly!

Think Outside the Frame

When setting up your next window display, have a think about how to add some extra touches – like splashes of colour, additional decorations and things that help to compliment your display and draw attention to your display.

This high-end retail store in Sydney has used an interesting, almost abstract background and some other cool features to help advertise a fashion label.

Hopefully these ideas have stoked the creative fire in your belly and you’ll be thinking about your next fresh window display! Just don’t forget to give them a good clean first.