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How to not clean a window!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

There’s more than one way to do almost everything and window cleaning is no exception. There are plenty of inventive, creative and clever ways to clean windows and then there are those that are only fit for the bloopers reel. People find themselves in some crazy situations looking for a better way to get the job done, but sometimes you just can’t beat a professional. Here are our top tips on how to NOT clean a window!

Lucky Ladder Locations

Safely position the ladder to clean hard to reach windows

Are you feeling lucky and a little bit ambitious? Ladders are a great way to safely clean hard-to-reach locations but only when they’re planted on a stable surface. That’s why I probably wouldn’t recommend emulating this guy who has firmly placed his ladder on an outside ledge. Wait a minute… what?! Someone clearly likes living on the edge. Maybe he can try cleaning his windows the normal way and just go skydiving instead!

Circus Acts on Window Sills

Multi storey window cleaning

If you’ve ever been to the circus then you know that the highflying trapeze artists and the talented tightrope walkers are some of the best acts to watch. But people who try and replicate this on window sills look a little bit more like clowns! Standing on a skinny sill might look like an easy way to get rid of your ladder and reach high locations fast, but consider this – what exactly are you leaning on? The answer is probably the window itself! !

The Professional Approach

Well there you have it, a couple of very questionable window cleaning techniques. Professional window cleaning might not look as funny, but it’s a great way to get the job done properly. At See Thru Cleaning, we employ best-practice cleaning techniques for all our cleaning services, but especially high-rise window cleaning is an art in itself.

If you need high rise cleaning or other window cleaning done for you in Sydney, contact See Thru Cleaning - don’t end up on a ‘how not to clean’ list. Contact us today or call 4323 7917. 

And finally, here’s a better window cleaning effort from our friend Spiderman!

cleaning windows in tall buildings