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Help! My Window is Mouldy! - What Can I Do?

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

What do you mean I have to hire someone to clean my own windows?! How hard can it be? Surely a bit of window cleaning fluid and some paper towel will do the job?

This may be the case for some of you, but not everyone has the time, the inclination or the means to clean every size, shape and sort of window that is out there. For example, if you manage a large multi-storey city building you’re not exactly going to be heading out on a limb for some high rise window cleaning, are you?

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should hire a professional window cleaner to get the job done right.

A Professional Window Cleaner

You’ll Save Time

This is probably the most important reason for hiring window cleaners. In this day and age we are all pressed for time. In between work, study, appointments, getting the kids to school, and everything else that life throws at you, it’s hard to find time to blink and sneeze, let alone clean your windows! You can save time and get through all those other tasks by hiring a professional window cleaner.

They Have an Eye for Detail

Chances are someone who cleans windows for a living might be able to pick up on things that you will miss if you clean your own windows. They can spot problems such as ill-fitting window and fly screens, rotted wooden windowsills, painted shut windows and other sorts of damage or malfunctions, which left untreated, could lead to either an expensive repair bill or a dangerous situation.

They Have the Right Tools

A professional window cleaner knows their windows, and their products. Leaded and stained glass windows can be damaged accidentally through the use of ammonia-based cleaning products – eventually such products can cloud these windows irreparably. They also have the right things to reach higher windows such as extending ladders and telescopic tools – so they can clean your windows safely.

If You’re Up High

If you either live in a multi-storey apartment block or manage a high-rise office building then chances are you’re going to need to hire a professional who can offer a high rise window cleaning service – they have the training and the equipment to do it both safely and efficiently!

Hopefully you’re now better informed about the benefits of hiring a professional window cleaner!

If you want to know if your windows are ideal for a professional clean, be sure to get some advice.