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Cleaning myths - busted!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

With the birth of the internet, old wives tales have taken on a new form. Looking at some of the silly things that people believe is just as funny as watching a cat play a piano, but when you try them for yourself they get less funny. Amateur cleaning tips sometimes turn out to be traps in disguise that will either waste your time or end up damaging your precious belongings. When you need great quality cleaning you should contact a professional, but in the meantime, here are some of those cleaning myths that you might have thought were true.

Don’t Make Your Bed in the Morning!

We all know someone who refuses to make their bed and we also know the people that like to justify their messiness (and if you don’t know someone, it’s probably you). People who feel particularly lazy in the morning like to say that they’re “airing out their bed” when they leave it in a mess. The truth is, leaving your bed unmade won’t stop the bed bugs biting. Clutter and tropical climates are more to blame for that!

Use Your Newspaper for Streak-Free Glass

As window cleaning experts this one hurts us a lot! People tend to think that newspaper is the answer to streak free windows but in fact it’s more likely to tare [not sure what this means..tear?]  and create an uneven clean. Besides, newspaper is covered in ink that could end up rubbing off onto your windows and your hands. When it comes to newspapers, just stick to making a paper hat, a paper plane, or simply reading the news.

Vinegar is the Ultimate Cleaner

Vinegar – not only is it great with fish and chips but it can do the cleaning of all your regular cleaning products. If that sounds too good to be true that’s because it is. When it comes to cleaning, vinegar isn’t what everybody thinks and you’re usually better off going with your everyday cleaning products.

Say Goodbye to Ink with Hairspray?!

If you’ve got an ink stain on your clothes (or on your windows if you went down the newspaper path) you might think that hairspray is the answer. Funnily enough, this one is half true. Hairspray used to have a much higher alcohol content, making it a semi-effective cleaner but these days hair spray will just make your clothes and your surfaces sticky.

No One Notices When Windows are Dirty

This is a big one. People seem to think that because windows are see-through (or were see-through) that no one will notice when they get a bit dirty. The truth is, the clarity that windows has often works against them. Think of the dirt that gathers on a white car compared to a darker one. The dirt on the white car will always be more noticeable and the same applies to windows.

If you want to clean your windows at home or work, choose at team that doesn’t use newspaper and vinegar. At See Thru Cleaning we’re professionals with professional standards and professional products. Contact us today or call 4323 7917.