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Frequent questions

Cleaning louvre windows

These are traditionally small horizontal slats of glass that open with the assistance of a lever mechanism. Please tell us how many individual slats you have.

For example, if you had louvre like the picture, but there were 2 bays of them in the lounge room, and one bay in the kitchen, you would have a total of 18 louvre (3 bays x 6 louvres in each)

Cleaning colonials windows

These are usually small square (sometimes rectangular windows). Sometimes used as a feature window, other times, every single window is this style.

We need to know how many small windows you have. For example, in the illustration, 6 rows of 5 windows is a total of 30 colonial windows.

If this window was repeated in 4 rooms, you would have 120 colonial windows (4 rooms x 30 colonials in each room).

Cleaning federation windows

Federation windows have a main window, framed by smaller ones.

In the illustration, there are 9 individual panes making up one window. Sometimes you will have 2 like this side by side – giving a total of 18 panels for the purposes of the quote.

Cleaning glass balustrades

These are usually found around pools or on a balcony. Please tell us how many panels you have, see diagram for reference.

Light: Your windows have been cleaned in the last 6 months.

Medium: Your windows are dirty, but you can still see quite clearly through them. This can include fingerprints and rain splatter.

Heavy: A heavy window condition should be selected if you have salt spray on the glass, mould on the glass, lots of thick cobwebs impeding the glass. If there are paint flecks, you should also select heavy as the window condition.

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